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We'd like to export our transcriptions in tab-delimited (i.e., TSV, tab separated values) rather than comma-delimited (CSV) format. That is, we'd like to export our data in the same way as the default CSV export, but use a "tab" character instead of a "comma" character as a delimiter.

[Why? When transcribing natural speech we often have to transcribe an utterance where a speaker is quoting or reading, which involves inline use of commas and quotations. If the transcriber forgets to close the quote, this can have significant implications for how the CSV gets parsed. TSV-format effectively avoids this common parsing issue.]

I realize this could be done with a ruby script using the Datavyu API along the lines of the provided export_data_by_frame.rb script. Anyway, just curious if you have an analogous ruby script for CSV/TSV exports (that doesn't dump data frame-by-frame) already written and available.

asked 13 Jan '15, 16:45

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I just noticed the API tutorial covering data export ( The provided examples address more complicated exporting issues, but should provide enough info to get me started. Of course if you have any recommendations or have a simple CSV export script, that'd be a great.

(13 Jan '15, 18:02) jvoigt jvoigt's gravatar image

There might be a very simple way to accomplish this, as long as the text that you're trying to print does not have any commas.

Once you've exported the file as a .csv, open the file in Excel. Then you just use the Save As function in Excel, but instead of saving it as an Excel or csv file, you save it as a .tsv. If that doesn't work we can work on getting you started on a script.

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answered 16 Jan '15, 13:14

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Thanks for the response.

We do have inline commas and quotes (potentially unbalanced), as I indicated my question.

We'd like to save as TSV precisely because Excel can mangle the parsing of a CSV file with inline commas and quotes.

The various frame-by-frame export scripts seem to indicate exporting with a different delimiter should be straightforward (as I can easily modify those scripts to do just that). I can try to hack up a script, but I'm new to ruby as a scripting language, so I was hoping to avoid that.

Do you happen to have any in-house rubyists that could assist with this?

(16 Jan '15, 15:27) jvoigt jvoigt's gravatar image

We can work on getting you a print script. Could you send me on of the files that you're trying to print data from? My email is [email protected]

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answered 20 Jan '15, 15:18

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